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    Vaccine Information Course

    (Advertorial) Perhaps it was the lies that you saw regarding the suppression of Hydroxychloroquine that is now causing you to question the conventional, dogmatic acceptance of the medical establishment?  Perhaps you have always had a healthy skepticism of vaccines but could not quite articulate why?  Perhaps ...

    רבנים, מחנכים ומנהיגים יקרים ואהובים של כלל ישראל

    רבנים, מחנכים ומנהיגים יקרים ואהובים של כלל ישראל, בכאב ובחרדה רבה אני כותבת תחינה זו למנהיגי כלל ישראל; אני אישה פשוטה. אני רק אמא, יהודיה שמנסה לעשות כמיטב יכולתי, מדי יום ביומו, על מנת לעבוד את הקב”ה. אינני בעלת מעמד כדי לחלוק את דעתי לגבי התפרצות ...

    A Masked Encounter and Chillul Hashem

    5 months ago

    I was in the grocery today and met a friend of mine wearing a mask. In my small town community consisting of mainly B’nei Torah, nobody has been wearing masks for a few months already, and although the grocery at one point was requiring masks, that ...

    Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update:

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an explosion of #sheker in the world. Follow our posts for the latest updates.

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