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    Chizuk Through Covid (English)

    Since Bayis Sheini There Hasn’t Been a Generation of Bracha as Ours! A Drashah Given by HaRav HaGaon R’ Moshe Hilman Shlit”a Rav & Ram in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY Mechaber Sifrei “Omek Hakovod” & “Toras Haftorah” Prepared for print by a listener *For the audio version ...

    New Sefer On COVID-19

    A new sefer has just been released on the topic of COVID-19. The author has told us that there are no copyright restrictions and that the sefer may be distributed freely. Download PDF

    Long Overdue Introspection

    Originally published on: April 4, 2020 This article is dedicated in loving memory of my dear brother-in-law, Rabbi Shalom a”h ben Shmuel halevi Gurewicz, who passed away today, Shabbos Parshas Tzav, 10 Nisan 5780. Trigger warning:For the past few weeks, I have hesitated to share these ...

    Gedaliah Ben Achikam And COVID-19

    Across America, and globally, academics and intellectuals are warning that all is not well. Many believe that there is a powerful “they” at work, and that nefarious happenings are afoot. “Their” designs and plans are not openly known. But bits and pieces of information available to ...

    Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update:

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an explosion of #sheker in the world. Follow our posts for the latest updates.

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