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    Rabbi Chananya Weissman Exposes Anti-Torah Sentiments Engendered By Rabbis in Baltimore and The Five Towns In Their Recent Music-Video-esque COVID-19 Jab Recommendation

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    Below is a list of the Rabbonim from the Five Towns video who who acted in that government sponsored, scripted, vaccine-pushing video. They can be reached at their respective email addresses. Do you have a copy of a meaningful conversation which you had wit them? Please share it with us.

    Rabbi Eytan Feiner

    Rabbi Yaakov Feitman

    Rabbi Uri Orlian

    Rabbi Yaakov Bender

    Rabbi Yaakov Trump

    Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Frankel

    Rabbi Zvi Ralbag

    Rabbi Shalom Axelrod

    Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff

    Rabbi Elie Weinstock

    Rabbi Elly Krimsky

    Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt

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