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    In the beginning, there was a lot of fear of this unknown and “novel” coronavirus. Even the name brought confusion[1]. (For the purposes of this document, we will be referring to the virus in all of its forms and precursors as Covid-19.)

    The World Health Organization (WHO) along with other organizations predicted millions of deaths worldwide. We were told that our only option to save lives was to “flatten the curve,” so that the medical system would not be overwhelmed.

    This was the official position taken by global and governmental bodies worldwide, and it changed reality as we knew it. This document covers, roughly, the first 8 months of global response to the virus.

    The mission, we were told, was to be accomplished through a series of dramatic and serious interventions in the functioning of society.. Businesses, schools and houses of worship were closed. Freedom of assembly, practice of religion, commerce and free movement were curtailed or limited altogether. Anyone who tested positive or had been in contact with someone who tested positive was ordered into isolation for a minimum of two weeks. People were required to keep physical distance from each other and size of gatherings were severely limited. Face masks were mandated. Invasive government contact-tracing methods were employed to track the virus spread. Many experts who spoke out against the regulations were silenced from social media and some were arrested[2].

    For an outbreak that has an average survival rate of 99%[3], citizens worldwide are starting to ask if these measures are reasonable. The following document is here to walk through some of the key issues. All claims are cited and we encourage everyone to follow the citations and evaluate them based on the merit of the claim. This document is merely a collection of those claims. 

    Predicted vs Actual Fatalities

    The virus, 7 months after the March 2020 predictions were made, turned out to be far less deadly than predicted, Canada predicted 350,000[4] dead vs 9,600 actual, UK predicted 250,000 dead vs 42,000[5] actual, USA predicted 2.2 million[6] dead vs .22 million actual, Israel predicted 35,000 [7] dead vs 1800. These dire predictions assumed that no lockdowns would take place. Lockdown advocates claim that the lockdowns are what saved all those lives (the difference between the actual and the predicted). This might be a reasonable claim if we didn’t have a control-group (a country that did not lockdown). But, of course, we do: Sweden.

    In Sweden, the only western country not to lockdown in those initial 7 months, it was predicted that they would suffer 96,000 [8] deaths by June, when in fact they experienced only 5,900. Here, in the only control group to test the validity of the model, we see it overestimated the deaths by 15 times. In June, the head of the UK Imperial College Covid-19 predictions admitted that Sweden achieved similar results to the UK without imposing a lockdown[9].

    Infection Fatality Rate

    In February, 2020 the predictions of the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), or “death rate” from Covid-19 were estimated to be 3.4%[10]. We were told that Covid-19 was much more deadly than the seasonal flu and we must “flatten the curve” in order to avoid overwhelming our hospitals[11]. Much of the world was placed on “lockdown” for an indefinite period[12]. 7 months later, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), some 10% of the world had been infected with 1.07 million of them dying – making the actual IFR 0.14%[13] . Thich is significantly lower than estimated. Other studies support this finding with IFRs of between .32% – .01%. By comparison the flu has an IFR of .1% – .2%[14]. The former Director of Israel’s Health Ministry said, “You’re not more at risk of dying of coronavirus than the flu.”[15]

    Death “With Covid” vs Death “From Covid”

    The WHO created a very broad definition of what is considered to be a “Covid-19 death”, and this definition was adopted worldwide. According to their definition[16] a Covid-19 death is one where a person had a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 at any time, prior to death. This means that what is reported as a Covid-19 death may have another cause, like cancer or a heart condition. Nevertheless, it is recorded as a Covid-19 death, if the hospital suspects Covid-19, or if the patient tested positive, even when no Covid-19 symptoms are present. By mid-April nearly 37% of Covid deaths in New York City were “presumptive” deaths[17]

    According to a UK study over the summer of 2020, nearly a third of all deaths recorded as Covid-19 did not have Covid-19 as an “underlying cause of death”.[18] Interestingly, once Covid-19 was recorded as a reason for death on the death certificate, it could not be rescinded[19].Meanwhile, in the USA, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that only about 6% of Covid-19 deaths had no comorbidity[20]. This means that 94% of Covid-19 deaths had additional contributing causes of death listed on the death certificate[21]

    Overloaded Hospitals

    In September, the Israeli government was considering (and later implemented) a second “full” lockdown over the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. (The first such lockdown was arranged over the Jewish holiday of Passover.) A key factor in the decision to re-lockdown the country was the governmental claim (and news reporting) that Israeli hospitals were totally overwhelmed and at well over 100% capacity for Covid-19 patients[22] [23]. The situation was allegedly so bad that the Ministry of Health ordered the hospitals to stop all non-urgent treatments and surgeries[24]. Shockingly, the hospitals, themselves, counter-claimed that they were far from being” at capacity”[25].  This prompted an undercover investigative report from Israeli Channel 12, which proved that the Covid-19 wards were actually well under capacity[26]. In response, the Israeli government quickly expunged all Covid-19 hospital data from their website[27]. Despite this, the second “full” lockdown in Israel proceeded anyway.

    Masks: The science is not settled

    From as early as 1986, scientific papers have claimed that masks are ineffective at preventing disease[28]. Both the WHO and Dr. Fauci (Spokesman for the Coronavirus task force in the USA) corroborated that claim as recently as March, 2020[29]. In that same month, there was a sudden flip. We were told that masks would now protect us from Covid-19, despite claims to the contrary from the mask manufacturers[30]. By September, 2020, the head of the CDC claimed in testimony before a US Senate subcommittee, that masks were more effective at preventing Covid-19 than vaccines.[31]

    Despite the now “conventional wisdom” that masks prevent the spread of viruses, there are numerous studies that suggest they don’t, especially in reference to surgical and home-made masks[32]. Countries that have mandated masks seem to actually have an increase in cases, after mandating the masks[33]. Research also suggests that when surgeons wear a mask during surgery, it has no effect on whether the patient develops a subsequent infection[34]. CDC data reveals that those who wear masks get infected with Covid-19 at the same rate as those who don’t [35] Interestingly, 85% of those infected with Covid-19 wore masks some or all of the time before their infection[36].

    Even if masks were effective, one must consider the negative effects of continuous mask wearing, such as; decrease in the levels of oxygen intake[37] [38] [39] [40], headaches[41],  reduced immunity[42], increased germ load[43] and skin reactions[44]. Unbelievably, medical journals have rejected publishing the findings of the only randomized, controlled study of mass masking, recently conducted in Denmark.[45] [46]

    Negative results of the lockdowns


    During the lockdowns, a broad spectrum of medical professionals have observed that people are not receiving proper medical treatment, due to fear of contracting Covid-19. They believe that this has led to an increase of deaths from heart attack[47], cancer, diabetes and more.[48] The UK experienced a dramatic increase of dementia deaths during the lockdown.[49] Fully two-thirds of excess deaths in nursing homes were not Covid-19 related[50]. There has been a significant increase of people dying at home from non-covid causes,[51] including depression and other mental health issues.[52] In Australia, from March to August, six times as many people died from suicide than from covid[53]. 28% of parents in quarantine with their children are later diagnosed with a trauma-related health disorder[54]. In Israel there was a  40% increase in anxiety and depression during the lockdown[55] The elderly, who are at the most risk of Covid-19 complications, have led protests to the “lockdowns,” stating that they’d rather die from Covid-19 than from loneliness.[56]


    The economy worldwide has taken a substantial hit. The United Nations (UN) estimates that 225 million worldwide will starve, as a result of Covid-19[57]. In the USA, 7 million people fell into poverty[58] with children comprising the highest numbers[59]. In Israel, personal bankruptcies increased by 75%[60] and there is 25% unemployment (compared to 3.4% before).[61] Prior to the lockdowns, Israel’s economy was growing at 3% but is now declining, at a rate of 6.3%. Translated in practical terms, the Covid-19 policies have cost the Israeli economy about 35 Billion USD. This is more than the entire annual Israeli healthcare expenditure combined[62]! Even the UN now admits that lockdowns just make the poor… poorer[63]. The WHO has now also stated that lockdowns should be avoided.[64]

    Civil and human rights

    Under the auspices of Covid-19, the government has greatly expanded their power over its citizenry. Emergency order after emergency order has severely encroached on personal liberties, in a way that was unthinkable before. The USA Attorney General agrees, saying that lockdowns and associated policies were one of the “greatest intrusions on civil liberties in American history”[65]

    In Israel (and elsewhere), freedom of religion was severely restricted by the closure of places of worship and the limiting of the number of worshipers that can gather either indoors or outdoors.

    Government restrictions on free speech and criticism of the government have been imposed in at least 72 countries”[66]  

    Freedom of assembly was restricted by limiting the kinds and size of gatherings, including those in one’s own home!

    Israel even included a ban on political demonstrations[67]!

    In Israel (and worldwide) thousands of people have been and continue to be detained and held without due process, and without appeal simply because they may have been in close contact with someone who may have been Covid-19 positive. To accomplish this, Israel utilized its security services to monitor the movement of citizens without the need of a court order[68]. Later, the government acknowledged that thousands were falsely sent to isolation because of this system[69] [70]. A government audit found that only 3.5% of those sent to isolation by the system eventually tested positive for Covid-19. Access to the justicial system was suspended with the closing of the courts[71]. Governments continued to mandate the wearing of intrusive medical devices (masks) based on poor (or no) research, even after they proved ineffective at preventing further waves of infection[72]. Governments are restricting travel unless the traveler submits to an invasive PCR test, even though the test’s inventor said it should not be used to make a clinical diagnosis.[73] The Israeli government has sealed it’s borders to  non-citizens since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Israel, the government has issued over 306,755 fines to people who didn’t comply with these regulations[74] In other countries, some courts have ruled against the emergency measures due to constitutional or civil liberty issues[75] [76] [77] [78] [79] [80]. As if to add insult to injury, the Israeli government has refused to release the basis and details of their decision making, with regards to Covid-19, to the pubic and have sealed these records for 30 years, claiming state secrets[81].

    Censorship of dissent

    For many, the information being shared in this document is new. This is, in part, because the media and more alarmingly, social-media has enacted an open policy of censorship. For example, Facebook and YouTube have an explicit policy that prohibits posting information that contradicts the World Health Organisation.[82] [83] [84] [85] Between April and June of 2020, Facebook has removed over 7 million posts that contravene this policy.[86] Examples of credible posts that were deliberately removed include, a pair of medical doctors from California who reported being coerced into falsifying death certificates[87] and a video produced by a group of doctors talking about the ineffectiveness of masks and the suppression of effective treatments for covid patients[88].Facebook also created a Fact Checking program, that alerts users if they have visited “debunked content”[89].  Over at, books which are critical of government response to Covid-19 were removed (some were later reinstated, under pressure).[90] [91] Perhaps even more disturbing is that governments, instead of defending the free exchange of ideas and debate, are also now encouraging more censorship[92] [93] .

    Call for immediate action

    We call upon both leaders and citizens to examine the data and restore us to a free society of governance. The issues of masks, lockdowns and medical decisions should be personal choices…not government mandates. Government has overstepped its bounds. We implore the people to remember the inalienable rights conferred upon them by the Almighty, and defend them.

    Further reading:




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      Moreover, the test which even for research purposes is questionable above 30 cycles of magnification is used by many countries at 35 cycles or higher, a number which is unreliable. “Many US labs work with 35 to 45 cycles, while many European labs work with 30 to 40 cycles.” I read that Israel tests at 37. The MIQE guidelines have been developed under the aegis of Stephen A. Bustin, Professor of Molecular Medicine, a world-renowned expert on quantitative PCR and author of the book A-Z of Quantitative PCR, which has been called ‘the bible of qPCR.’ In a recent podcast interview Bustin points out that ‘the use of such arbitrary Cq cut-offs is not ideal, because they may be either too low (eliminating valid results) or too high (increasing false “positive” results).’ According to him, a Cq in the 20s to 30s should be aimed at, and there is concern regarding the reliability of the results for any Cq over 35. If the Cq value gets too high, it becomes difficult to distinguish real signal from background, for example due to reactions of primers and fluorescent probes, and hence there is a higher probability of false positives.

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