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    Testing, Testing, 2.0 And Murphy’s Law

    Testing, Testing, 2.0 And Murphy’s Law [1]

    With tax season right around the corner, many are starting to think about how to use the right loopholes and apply the appropriate deductions to minimize their tax bill. Many unacquainted with the intricacies may perceive this as somehow illegal, but for anyone in business, not understanding your options is career suicide. Being naive results in the government absconding with your hard-earned money, while you, the taxpayer, is not left with much more than bread and butter. Only career politicians who have never worked in the private sector couldn’t understand when President Trump said that he used existing financial laws to his advantage. However, to the average working class American, his words resonated perfectly.

    Now, picture that you get to make the tax code! Imagine that you can make all the loopholes and slice and dice the figures any way you choose. Don’t you think you would use that to your advantage? Even if you don’t think that you would, do you think that all businessmen are as altruistic as you? Do you think that most businessmen given the opportunity to change these intricate laws at whim would avoid doing so?

    Imagine I told you that there is already an arena where this is readily practiced. Figures are mended and bended to fit predetermined conclusions, with sub-groups and sub-sub-groups created, included and omitted at will.

    This field already exists in what many like to call science.[2]

    More particularly, this subject is called epidemiology – the science of (manipulating) numbers.

    There is never a dearth of arbitrary metrics and parameters that are waiting to be put into play to receive the desired result.

    Prime example:


    For time immemorial, diseases were measured by their impact on the rates of deaths, hospitalizations and doctor visits. Now, however, the pandemic would have to be harnessed for other causes. Much of it can be attributed directly to the election coming up. Much, but not all.

    Shortly after the pandemic began, President Trump allocated almost 10 billion dollars for vaccine development. Many companies dove into the gold rush head-over-heels. However, never before was such scrutiny given to the clinical trial phase of vaccines. Public oversight was so intense that many world-renowned vaccine experts such as Drs. Paul Offit and Peter Hotez advised against the rushed vaccine. The vaccine was beleaguered by a multitude of problems[3] including immune enhancement[4], transverse myelitis[5], deaths[6], and even warnings for the volunteers not to father children[7]! What’s more is that under recently released federal guidelines, a COVID-19 vaccine can be authorized for use if it is safe and proves effective in as few as 50% of those who receive it. And “effective” doesn’t necessarily mean stopping people from getting sick from COVID-19. It means minimizing its most serious symptoms[8]! This translates to mean that those vaccinated may feel protected, wander in the public, and unknowingly spread it to less fortunate victims, serving only to accelerate the viruses spread, not to curb it.

     In a climate such as this, it’s no wonder that the COVID vaccine acceptance level dropped rapidly to just 21% nationally[9] and 23% in New Jersey[10].

    Vaccine hesitancy is nothing new. It is mostly driven by the disconnect between the genuine questions that consumers have and mantra’s repeated ad-nauseum by public health officials. In one particularly stark example, an organization called ICAN posed 11 questions to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding the safety of vaccines and fatal conflicts of interest within the various departments of vaccine licensing. In their reply, not a single question was adequately addressed![11] Instead of dealing with the reservations that parents had including the fact that many had witnessed extreme reactions in their very own children, the reaction by officials taken was obfuscation of the facts, heavy handed denialism and medieval censorship. Eventually this censorship descended into the political arena as well, but it began with vaccines and other dissenting voices in medicine. Obviously, this did little to allay people’s fears, and on the contrary, only compounded it.

    While childhood vaccines have been enforced through the school system, adult vaccine uptake has remained low. As a result of this, in 2012 the CDC released the National Adult Vaccination Plan[12]. Astoundingly, the plan says nothing about the burden of vaccine preventable diseases in adults but rather it was initiated due to lack of progress of the immunization enterprise in meeting adult immunization objectives! The entire plan reads strictly like a business plan and unabashedly says that pharmaceutical companies were involved with the creation of this plan[13]. The plan is a 67-page document containing strategies to foster vaccine acceptance, create incentives to accelerate vaccine development and to create opportunities for the development of new vaccines. One of the strategies named involves engaging “faith based” community leaders to influence their constituency[14]. This includes having trusted voices within a community to alter the social norms to promote adult vaccines.

    With vaccines being liability free and mandated on the entire child population, it is currently the most lucrative product in the pharmaceutical market. Naturally, expanding the market to include all adults would generate significant revenue. But product uptake banks on fear. When people are in fear, the rational mind is overtaken by the emotional one, and one is more likely to consume a product that will allay his concerns whether they are grounded or not.

    It is against this backdrop that we can resume the current narrative. Why the insatiable current drive for testing?

    As explained above, disease impact is always gauged with the rates of deaths, hospitalizations, and doctor visits. Never before have diseases been measured in what is now being termed “positivity rate”. While askanim go loose and fast on facts regarding positivity rates, its clear that numbers aren’t their forte. This newly invented metric supposedly shows the background rate of disease within the entire population. It doesn’t show however the burden of the disease, nor does it reflect the entire population for a myriad of reasons. It amount to nothing more than an arbitrary number loosely corresponding to the number of people who have tested, sick or not without factoring in the false positives. One needs to stop and think, why would the Governor “ma(k)e it clear” that unless testing is carried out, he will close the schools[15]? We know that those who are positive are asked not to test. This amounts to one big joke, and it wasn’t kept a secret either. As a matter of fact,

    Avi Schnall stated that the Commissioner of Health told him to do the testing![16]

    Why would the commissioner demand a metric designed to be abused and that we all know may not be reflective of the facts on the ground?

    One possible reason is because this is a sure way to “prolong” the virus. The PCR test is inaccurate and generates false positives[17] well as cements the narrative that the disease is still running rampant. It is impossible to get a positivity rate of 0% unless unscrupulous practices are being followed…

    Aside from prolonging the virus, it gives the latitude for the Governor to prolong the state of emergency and reinforces the idea that unless we listen to the governor, the governor has the unilateral right to close us down. In truth, in addition to this being a constitutional crisis, it is a yiddishkeit crisis of the greatest magnitude. The fact that yeshivos are being closed at whim with scant science to show for it is deeply troubling.

    The governor boldly claimed on October 26, 2020 that “we will meet our initial goal of vaccinating 70% of the state’s eligible adult population.”[18] That’s quite a spectacular statement to make due to the fact that currently only 23% are very likely to take the vaccine! Are there any other tricks up his sleeve?

    The Governor continued that:

    “We will also work closely with healthcare providers and key community influencers… recognizing the needs of our multicultural and multilingual residents, and in terms that are easy to understand within individual communities. In other words, we cannot let the online rumors and social media-driven conspiracy theories jeopardize our ability to build statewide immunity against the deadly virus… We know from public polling that there is already growing skepticism of a vaccine.”

    In other words, the governor has openly stated that the way he will get people to vaccinate is not by being transparent and releasing accurate information. Rather it would be by harnessing the power of community leaders.[19] The governor continued:

    “We are committed to building trust in the vaccines in all of our communities, and we will not wait until we receive the vaccines to start that process.”

    In all likelihood, that process has already started now with the test run to see if an illogical campaign can be achieved through threats and by harnessing the power of “community leaders”. It’s as simple as using “culturally sensitive messaging”, and not allowing yeshiva attendance unless testing is performed. Barring children from school without the highly controversial COVID vaccine is the next logical progression. After all, “didn’t you see how coronavirus devastated our infrastructure before the vaccine was available”?

    Lest you are from the majority of the 77% of New Jersians who are not sure if they want to receive this rushed vaccine, not to worry. We’re not done yet.

    The same health commissioner who advised Avi Schnall to test the kehilla, stated by the briefing that they are considering removing the “opt-in” feature from the Immunization Information System (NJIIS). Having everyone on the system by default clears the way for making the vaccine mandatory for a host of other applications such as entering public buildings, obtaining a driver’s license, and flying on a plane.

    But Avi Schnall is not new to vaccination compliance. He should know better. At one time, his wife, managed a quarter-of-a-million-dollar annual grant for CHEMED.

    The point of this grant was specifically to increase vaccine compliance in Lakewood. Under the cover of “science”, professional ratting (mesirah) took place with tax-payer grant money in 2013 when CHEMED ran “a study” to examine “physician beliefs on immunization” and the “correlation to patients immunization compliance”. This was in effort to alert authorities and undermine certain doctors who allow their patients more room when it comes to the vaccination schedule.

    In summary, 77% of New Jersians are not sure that they trust this particular vaccine. On Tuesday October 27, 2020, Governor Murphy disingenuously claimed that the anti-vaccination group in NJ is a vocal minority, and implied that therefore he doesn’t have to consider their concerns.[20] Aside from the connotation that anyone’s concerns are irrelevant, and that anyone who has any questions about vaccines suddenly becomes “anti-vaccine”, at 77% they seem to be the silent majority. He clearly has some plan to achieve the remaining 47% compliance of his arbitrary 70% goal, and we see the underpinnings taking place at the present.

    Governor Murphy oversaw the highest death rate in the world for COVID[21]. The fact that he’s regarded as an authority on COVID at all is shocking. The notion that he could dictate to us, who value life immeasurably, on what steps we must take or lose our Yiddishkeit is astounding. He was the one who pushed the murderous policy of mandated acceptance of COVID positive patients into nursing homes. He was the one who signed a bill legalizing euthanasia. And he is the one that our community is taking marching orders from.

    Let’s remember, there is only one Authority Whom we should take our marching orders from.

    [1] Sequel to Testing, Testing, 1-2-3












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    [17] See last article. “Testing, Testing, 1-2-3”





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