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    Time To Start Resisting The Evil: What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

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    James Corbett
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    An award-winning investigative journalist, James Corbett has lectured on geopolitics at the University of Groningen’s Studium Generale, and delivered presentations on open source journalism at The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation’s fOSSa conference, at TedXGroningen and at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

    He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for the website, including a podcast and several regular online video series.

    For more information about Corbett and his background, please watch the “Who is James Corbett” edition of the Questions For Corbett podcast.


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