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    Why Vote For Trump?


    מכון אביגדור

    ע”ש רבינו הגה”צ הרב אביגדור מיללער זצ”ל  

    To Disseminate the Worldviews and the Torah of Horav Avigdor Miller ZT”L

    הייליגע ווייט זעהענדע ווערטער פון  הגה”צ ר’ אביגדור מיללער זצ”ל  חוהמ”ס תשמ”ו לפ”ק

    ביי אן אסיפה איבער נישט אריינוועהלען ליבעראלע קאנדידאטען

    … די אמת איז אז א סכנה גדולה לויערט אויפן כלל ישראל, און דאס איז אן א גוזמא … איך האב מורא, חס ושלום, אין50    

       מען דארף וויסן אז די צייט פאדערט א שינוי.יאר, וועט מען ניט קענען האבן א ביהמ”ד אדער א ישיבה אין אמעריקע 

    און פרומע אידן דארפן היינט נעמען צום הארץ , און זעהן צו ראטעווען, ראטעווען דעם אידישען פאלק

    הלא משנאיך ה’ אשנא, ובתקוממיך אתקוטט.

    תכלית שנאה שנאתים, לאויבים היו לי. (תהלים קל”ט\כא־כב)

    (Quoted from Rav Miller’s Tape #4)—“We cannot support the vandals and radicals who want to destroy America—the ones who want to break down all the principles of morality…And, therefore, if (candidate) is endorsed by all the scum of society, then the other (candidate) is the one (to vote for).”—Rav Miller was warning against voting for A Leftist Democrat candidate for President, Like Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden.

    (Quoted from Rav Miller’s Tape #36)—“America is in the throes of a great upheaval, a great unrest…when you hear of unchecked crime flooding a whole country, when you see irresponsibility and wickedness everywhere…Am I saying that (candidate) is lily white?—I’m not interested!

    I’m a friend of his. The truth is, he’s a very good president. You have to know that Lincoln was supposed to be impeached too. There was a big movement to impeach President Lincoln.

    “We Jews, we have to have a sense of fairness. Is it so quickly that we forget that (candidate) was a friend of Israel? He stuck his neck out…If someone did something which was ostensibly a favor to us, then we are for him with all our hearts.

    “And so, the whole…business is nothing but a symptom of the wickedness of the country today, and I say that we have to bow our heads in shame that there are Jews who have the temerity and the ingratitude to speak against the President.

    Hevei Mispallel Bishlomo Shel Malchus—We have to pray for the peace of the government, and this president is a really good president. He’s the one who had the courage to try to stem the tide of vandalism and crime.

    “All of these things are being done by the pseudo-liberals. They are our enemies, because they are enemies of the country, and, therefore we have to speak up as much as we can.

    (NOTE: Horav Hagaon Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, SHLI”TA has also stated that all Orthodox Jews should vote for President Trump to show Hakoras Hatov for all the good he has done for us.)

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