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    In addition to publishing breaking news, we will also have a section called Old News. In this section we will be providing information and news which may be less recent, such as events which may have occurred a week ago, a month ago, or perhaps further back in time.

    There are several reasons for publishing this information.

    Firstly, at times, this information is still not well known, if at all. As we described in our debut article, there has been and continues to be an enormous effort both within our community and beyond to suppress information, and we need to do our best to keep the public informed regarding what’s actually taking place in the world, not just what the #FakeNews and #FakeFrumNews media wants us to hear or believe.

    Moreover, even events which are known, while they may have occurred in the past, the issue which has led to those events are still very much present. The underlying problem has not at all been resolved, and we need to become educated on these matters so that we can be vigilant and prevent ill events from recurring. In other words, the event may be old, but the issue is quite current.

    So if you see an article with the prefix “Old News”, or “Time Machine”, or the like, you’ll know what we’re referring to.

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