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    Agudas Yisroel Responds To Rav Pinchos Frankel’s Shmooz

    (Old News from May 21, 2020)

    After Rav Pinchos Frankel delivered a shmooz to his congregants (published here), Agudas Yisroel released the following statement in response. Although Rav Frankel’s name was not mentioned, it is plainly obvious that the letter was referring to Rav Frankel and his message:

    The Agudah, today, has released the attached letter signed by three senior members of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, and Rabbi Aharon Feldman, for purposes of clarification.

    In English Translation:

    We write in response to slander and to publicly declare that the Guidelines released by the leadership of Agudath Israel of America – on the subject of how and when to reopen the doors of our shuls and batei medrash for tefillah in a way that is in accordance with the law and in which there is no danger of the further spread of coronavirus – were fully accepted by us and were with the approval of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah. The rumors that the leadership of Agudath Israel acted on this of their own discretion are complete fabrications.It is appropriate to emphasize that all the activity of the Agudah’s leadership under the direction of Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel are for the sake of Heaven and are performed after consultation with gedolei Torah.

    On this we sign on the 27th of Iyar, 5780,

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