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    Agudath Israel of America Remains Disturbingly Silent As One More State Attempts To Remove Religious Rights

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    After the ability to “opt out” of childhood vaccines for religious reasons was removed by the NY State legislature back in June of 2019, Agudath Israel released the above statement indicating their concern over the loss of religious freedom.

    Presently, bills are is in the Connecticut legislature and may be voted upon at this very moment. As posted earlier, scores of parents and advocates are rallying right now outside the state capitol.

    Yet Agudath Israel is nowhere to be found. We have not seen them on the floor today in Connecticut. We don’t see any of their representatives rallying outside the capitol. Nor are we aware of any substantial effort on their part to encourage legislators to vote against this bill.

    Do they truly believe in religious freedom, or was their 2019 statement just a political maneuver?

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    Thousands of Citizens Rally Outside Connecticut State Capitol To Oppose Removal of Religious Exceptions for Vaccinations

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    1. Chana
      April 28, 2021

      We need to form another political advocacy organization. Agudah is worthless.

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