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    Cuomo: Government Restrictions Are Based On Fear, Not Science

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    Hamodia recently published an article which contains a half-hour long audio clip of a private phone conversation recently held between NY State Governor Cuomo and various Rabbonim in the community. The audio (full clip below) as well as the article are very telling. But perhaps one of the most shocking parts is where Cuomo tells Rabbi Yaakov Bender that the government initiatives are not based on science, but simply out of fear.

    Notice at the end of the clip how Howard Zucker, Commissioner of Health for New York State agrees with the governor.

    The governor’s words were in response to the following remarks presented by Rabbi Yaakov Bender:

    Full audio:

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    1. Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith
      October 14, 2020

      1) דכל החונף לרשע סוף נופל בידו
      2) Governor admits that decrees are fear based not science based
      3) Rabbi Bender declares he is willing to submit his students to torture
      4) Governor admits that closing by zip code is hatchet method. The distress and pressure of this method is intended to build to a point when the people will welcome and even demand individual government quarantines as the solution. That is what is referred to as surgical or scalpel. This is reason for the torture, all building in that direction.

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