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    Esther Adina Miles Sashitzky Encourages Chained Women to Get Remarried Without a Get

    Esther Adina Miles Sashitzky who has a large following on social media recently released a video indicating that Agunos should consider getting remarried without a gett:

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    1. Rivka
      May 26, 2021

      This is complete apikorsus (heresy) against the Torah. I’m not sure why anyone wants to listen to this woman’s foolishness. She is so brainwashed by feminist doctrine that she cannot see the truth. It’s a myth in the vast majority of cases that the man is causing the trouble. Most of the time, both parties are acting badly. For example, she wants a Get and he wants to give it but they can’t agree on a Bais Din or perhaps he withholds the Get because she is denying him visitation with the children, which hurts their own kids as well. Of course, sometimes there are men who are unjustly withholding a Get, in which case, there are many organizations to help women. But in the reverse situation, where a woman refuses to take a Get, she is chaining a man just the same, as most men cannot afford to get a Heter Meah Rabbonim, if 100 Rabbis would even be willing to give it to him. The Torah was created by Hashem and just because we are too small to understand, doesn’t mean we simply disregard it. When we don’t understand, we need to go deeper, not to simply throw it in the garbage and thereby severely damage both our Olam HaZeh and our Olam HaBa.

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