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    HaRav David Feinstein: Let’s Be Mochel

    We are in deep pain as we experience the loss one of the Gedolei HaDor and poskim in America, HaRav David Feinstein zt”l. Words cannot adequately express our sorrow, nor do we possess the lexicon needed to properly extol the Rosh Yeshiva zt”l’s true greatness.

    Of intersting note was a comment made by one of his family members at the Levaya today: Please be mochel the Rosh Yeshiva.

    Usually, we daven that a niftar should forgive us, and certainly, there is no greater time to do that than at the time of the loss of a Gadol.

    However, the family member indicated that in addition, Rav David zt”l would also want that we should forgive him if he ever inadvertently offended or hurt us.

    We, at EN would like to echo these words and ask our readership to please be mochel the late Gadol in the event that he ever hurt, or was perceived to have hurt anyone in anyway whatsoever.

    May he be a meilitz yosher to all of klal yisroel.

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