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    Lakewood Beis Din Issues Hasra’as Seiruv Against Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

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    A Lakewood Beis Din recently issued a Hasra’as Seiruv against Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue of Boca Raton, Florida.

    A Hasra’as Seiruv is a warning customarily issued by a beis din against a party for failure to cooperate with or unwilling to attend a beis din hearing. A seiruv is similar to an order of contempt of court which can be issued by secular courts. The Hasra’as Seiruv is a preliminary declaration, stating that if the party or parties continue to ignore the order of the beis din then the beis din will issue an actual seiruv.

    Rabbi Goldberg and co-defendants have one week to respond before the beis din issues an actual seiruv.

    Anyone with connections with Rabbi Goldberg and other senior members of the BRS who are listed as co-defendants are encouraged to urge Rabbi Goldberg and team to come to the beis din hearing in accordance with the shulchan aruch which requires one to do so.

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