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    Leading Rabbonim of Lakewood Warn Against Use of the Gardasil (HPV) Vaccine

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    As indicated in the images (above) of the statement released several months ago, signed jointly by numerous leading Rabbonim in Lakewood, the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine should not be taken by anyone in the community.

    As the letter indicates, this vaccine is meant to prevent illnesses which are almost exclusively caused by conduct which is not in line with basic Torah values. The letter further indicates that HaRav Shteinman zt”l, as well as ybl”c HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein oppose this vaccine.

    As we mentioned in our recent expose on JOWMA (Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association), JOWMA continues to promote this vaccine (see here and here (abridged here) and mentioned numerous times here), against leading Torah authorities. See that article at length for additional information which questions the very halachic and hashkafic integrity of this organization.

    When journalist Yonason Rosenblum penned an article in Mishpacha magazine two years ago questioning the need for this vaccine in our community, he was vilified with repeated attacks against him through subsequent material in Mishpacha and elsewhere online, some of which came directly from JOWMA. It is our understanding that Mr. Rosenblum has responses waiting to be printed to defend his originally printed position but that Mishpacha refuses to print it. (We formally offer Mr. Rosenblum the opportunity to submit such material to us for publication.)

    (Although Mr. Rosenblum stated explicitly in the article that he takes the annual flu shot religiously, that did not stop those who wished to discredit his position from resorting to the barrage of anti-Torah pejoratives typically used to character assassinate anyone who questions the safety, effectiveness, or need of any vaccine whatsoever. This pattern is identical to what has happened in recent months whereby Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors has also been a victim of similar accusations for joining the forces of scores of medical experts around the world who strongly question the safety or need for a COVID-19 vaccine, even though she is a medical professional who takes the flu shot herself every year.)

    The Lakewood letter further indicates that “the vaccine has tragically inflicted serious injury with life-altering consequences on many children in our community, ר”ל“. This is in line with what thousands of women and girls (as well as boys) around the world have been stating regarding this vaccine. Several documentaries have been produced (see here, here, here and here) which describe these horrific and painful experiences as well as the subsequent neglect and ridicule that these victims of vaccine-induced damage (including paralysis, teenage menopause, and death) have endured in their effort to seek acknowledgement and compensation. (It is hard to find accurate information about this when using Google, presumably since Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. owns partnering firms together with pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi, and Pfizer and others. Other search engines such as tend to have information not found through Google.)

    It should be noted that in the clinical trials of Gardasil, Merck had the girls who were in the control group (i.e., the ones who did not get the vaccine) subsequently vaccinated with the actual shot shortly after the trial ended. This effectively prevented science from being able to see any long-term effects by comparing the group who got the vaccine with those who didn’t for long-term results. Why would Merck try to destroy this type of scientific evidence? Doesn’t science always looks for long term results? (While naysayers use the argument that it would be unethical to withhold the shot from those girls, the fact remains that it completely rigs the results of the trial. Moreover, they could have made that a pre-condition and then chosen girls who would not mind not having the shot).

    An identical pattern of scientific sabotage is taking place today wherein those who were in the control group for the COVID-19 shot were subsequently injected with the actual shot, preventing us from ever discovering long term adverse effects of this covid injection.

    (Merck has also partnered with Johnson & Johnson for the COVID shot. Johnson & Johnson also has a long history of fraud and other convictions against itself.)

    It should be further noted that Merck, the manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine, is the same company who created Vioxx. According to drugwatch, “Vioxx was once a popular drug to treat arthritis. But manufacturer Merck & Co. pulled it from the market in 2004 amid safety concerns. Research linked the drug to thousands of fatal heart attacks.”

    Even before the 2004 retraction of Vioxx, doctors around the world expressed grave concern over severe side effects and death which they were seeing in their patients who used Vioxx.

    Instead of investigating the concerns and removing the product from the market, Merck decided to go on the offensive. According to The Australian, according to internal company emails release in Australian courts at the time, Merck had stated that they will attack any doctor who questions the safety of Vioxx, and that “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live.“, effectively creating a hit list of dissenting doctors.

    The email, which was exposed in federal court in Melbourne as part of a class action against the drug company included the words “neutralise”, “neutralised” or “discredit” against some of the doctors’ names.

    Merck is also the manufacturer of a MMR vaccine, used to prevent mumps, measles and rubella, and holds the exclusive licensing rights allowing them to sell this vaccine in the United States.

    In 2010, several scientist at Merck blew the whistle on the fact that Merck had deliberately lied about the efficacy of the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine by falsifying data. Effectively, they claimed that the mumps vaccine didn’t really work, based on true data. As a result of this discovery, the Unites States government itself filed charges against Merck. This suit is known as Unites States versus Merck. This suit has been ongoing for over ten years. About a year ago, the records of the case have been sealed. This author speculates why there would be a need to conceal records in the event that Merck was truly innocent of said allegations. Wouldn’t they want the records not to be sealed, so that their record could be vindicated in the court of public opinion?

    We were able to obtain copies of the original complaint filed by the government (see below).

    Download as PDF

    NVAC or National Vaccine Advisory Committee is a committee under the auspices of Health and Human Services. According to their website, NVAC “recommends ways to achieve optimal prevention of human infectious diseases through vaccine development, and provides direction to prevent adverse reactions to vaccines. This advice is presented to the Assistant Secretary for Health who serves as the Director of National Vaccine Program on matters related to program responsibilities”.

    At a NVAC meeting several year ago Dr. Stanley Plotkin spoke for several minutes regarding the mumps vaccine. Dr. Stanley is a world renowned vaccinologist, himself a patent holder of numerous vaccines and one of the leading experts in matters of immunology and epidemiology who has also been on numerous governmental and independent boards over the course of many decades. (His abridged, prestigious resume can be found here. For an interesting deposition of Dr. Plotkin, see here.)

    In the brief time that Dr. Plotkin spoke (from about 46 – 50 minutes in, or here) at the aforementioned NVAC meeting he made the point that the mumps vaccine does not work. This would seem to concur with the account indicated by the Merck insiders who helped bring about federal charges against the pharmaceutical giant.

    To help rectify this issue, Dr. Plotkin suggested that Merck create a brand new mumps vaccine. He said that although it’s “not an attractive option”, the money should be spent for this endeavor anyway, since the issue at hand is taking a toll at vaccine “confidence”. It would almost seem that he was not concerned that people may get ill and possibly die of mumps due to the lack of an effective mumps vaccine, since it would be expensive to create a better one. However, if the lack of an available effective vaccine would hinder vaccine confidence, for that reason it would be appropriate to spend the money to create a product that actually worked.

    The US government has already awarded payouts in the millions in damages for the Gardasil vaccine, some of which can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

    Additionally, Merck is also currently being being sued by numerous youths who allege that they were severely injured by the Gardasil vaccine. One famous example is Robi vs Merck:

    Download as PDF

    Additional lawsuits can be found here and here.

    It is therefore shocking that many state legislatures around the countries are passing or have passed laws mandating the Gardasil shot for young teenage boys and girls, and/or legislation allowing young children, ranging from age 9 to 14 (depending on the state) to receive a vaccine to prevent an STD without the parents’ consent. Some of these bills/laws even allow the administrator of the shot not to put the vaccination on the medical record, in a further effort to hide the procedure from the parents. G-d forbid, should an adverse event occur, the parent would not even know that it was a result of the vaccine since they were blissfully unaware that the child received the shot at all.

    Furthermore, children are not capable of making the mature decision to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol. They are thus certainly incapable of making complex medical decisions which ought to involve careful research of the underlying subject matter.

    It is also of great concern that the government is taking nefarious measures to remove parents from the equation of adolescents’ decision making altogether, which can lead to cataclysmic results, especially in the frum community. Even proponents of this unnecessary vaccine should be alarmed at this initiative.

    It is further shocking that this vaccine is being promoted for boys as well since the point of the vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer, which is not applicable for boys. (Spurious and questionable attempts have been made to address this issue with very little substance.)

    As far as legislation, shouldn’t we err on the side of caution, and invoke the precautionary principle of “do no harm”, and not administer this vaccine at all, or certainly not to mandate it, pending the outcome of the aforementioned court cases? Shouldn’t the decision as to whether to take a vaccine used to prevent an illness which is not conferrable through casual contact be left to the individual since there’s no concern of public health? This dire push for a vaccine with known issues ought to make us wonder if even the push for other vaccines which are used to prevent actual public health crisis such as polio, measles, etc. are also in fact truly due to public health concerns or rather simply the result of pharmaceutical companies with criminal track records trying to make a few more dollars.

    The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has even created a mobile app freely available for iPhone and Android devices, which is used to teach doctors how to trick patients and their parents into “consenting” to receive the Gardasil vaccine. The app is called “Same Way, Same Day.” The name correctly implies that many patients who otherwise take most other vaccines are very wary of Gardasil. Instead of trying to understand why this concern exists and try to address the existential issues based on scientific questions pertaining to the shot, the app uses propaganda and deception to try to avoid answering the patients concerns, provide emotional validation to alley their fears on a psychological level, without providing any information on a substantive level.

    The main trick that the app encourages is to administer the Gardasil vaccine on the “same day” as other vaccines. This would help give legitimacy to the vaccine and subconsciously cause the patient to see this shot as no more dangerous than any other vaccine.

    (It goes without saying that there does not appear to be any studies where were done which test the synergistic effect of administering any pair of two or more vaccines at a time, and should an adverse effect occur, the doctor would not know which shot actually caused the reaction. In fact, for this reason it would behoove the manufactures to break up all shots into individual ones, such as the MMR into three separate shots. At a meeting at the CDC several years ago, ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) which is the official committee which recommends vaccines to the American public, the scientists present shockingly stated that their “general approach to immunizations” is that the administration of multiple shots at a time, each one in a separate limb is ok, even though they admittedly had “no data” to support that claim.)

    The Same Way Same Day app further encourages obfuscating the communication so that the patient won’t realize that they are getting the Gardasil vaccine. So, for example, the app says, that if you’re administering vaccines x and y together with the Gardasil shot, don’t say, “So today we’re going to give you the Gardasil shot, and x, and y”. Nor should you say, “We’re going to give you the x shot, and y, and Gardasil”. Rather, you should put x and y at either end of your sentence and Gardasil in the middle so that it would get swallowed and you’d be less likely to get resistance from the patient.

    The app also encouraged using assertive tones and not ask for permission but simply to state what you plan on doing and only engage in further conversation if the patient protests.

    It should hardly come as a surprise then that most of the revenue generated by AAP comes from the pharmaceutical industry (see the cheshbon here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

    Blimi Marcus, a Jewish nurse from Boro Park and strong advocate for global vaccination who has received funding from the government to help promote vaccination in the frum community via Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association, the organization which she started (and incidentally is no longer part of), has admitted in an email exchange several years ago that she delays the administration of the Hep-B vaccine, another shot used to prevent STD’s, in her own children’s vaccination schedule.

    For additional information regarding this unnecessary vaccine for the frum community, see here.

    Here is a 50-minute long comprehensive video explaining systemic issues with the Gardasil vaccine.

    For additional information regarding the Gardasil vaccine (the letter from the Rabbonim should really be enough), the reader is encourage to see the book The HPV Vaccine On Trial.

    Gardasil was approved by the CDC in 2006. At that time the head of the CDC was Dr. Julie Gerberding. She remained at the CDC until 2009. Then, after waiting the required 12-month period, she took a prestigious position at Merck. On her LinkedIn page she vaguely writes that she was a president at Merck. However, more further examination shows that she was actually the president of their vaccine department for several years.

    Gerberding has subsequently made over ten million dollars in stock options at Merck.

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