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    Orders From High Places

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    It was a hot mid-August afternoon of 2021 when we set out to Bnei Brak to speak with Rebbetzin Kolodetsky, the daughter of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita. We were a few women, including one who since taking the first shot of the vaccine five months ago has had terrible medical injuries and still today cannot function properly. We wanted to convey to the Rebbetzin the non-stop vaccine injuries now happening to people.

    Baruch Hashem, we managed to get in to see her. The Rebbetzin started by asking everyone, “Are you all vaccinated? I’m sorry I have to ask, but those are the instructions I’ve received.” We reassured her that we’d all had corona. We asked her for personal brachos and then introduced ourselves. We explained to the Rebbetzin that since the vaccine rollout began, health professionals are receiving non-stop phone calls about injuries after vaccination. Healers everywhere are scrambling to try to figure out how to help them because the injuries are new to the medical world and thus hard to treat.

    We introduced the woman injured by the vaccine – she cannot function today for more than ten minutes without having to lie down afterwards. This woman only took the vaccine after a friend sent her the video of Rav Chaim saying to vaccinate. We showed the Rebbetzin the reports from VAERS of the injured and dead amongst only the 12-17 age group. She seemed genuinely shocked by what we were telling her.

    The Rebbetzin asked us, “How can this be? Why can’t you tell this to the Ministry of Health? Do they know this information?” She told us that she has no knowledge and was only doing what she was told to do – to tell people to vaccinate.” We asked her. “Who told you?” She replied that her personal family doctor, Dr. Hardt, told her and that she goes after her father, Rav Chaim. We asked her if she could pass on this information to her father and she answered, “No, I can’t, because my father is ‘out of it.’ He barely recognizes me, and barely says anything.” We were left wondering how it was possible that serious and far-reaching psakim were being said in his name…

    The Rebbetzin told us, “You must speak to Dr. Hardt and to Rav Firer. If Dr. Hardt tells me what you’re saying is true, I will straight away say to stop vaccinating.” We asked if we could err on the side of caution. In a situation of safekpikuachnefesh, shouldn’t we say to stop straight away, and then investigate? She said, “Yes, from now on, I won’t tell people to vaccinate.”

    We told her that now as we were talking, the day is beginning in the U.S. and yeshiva bachurim are being vaccinated because the yeshivos won’t accept them if they are not vaccinated because “Rav Chaim and Rebbetzin Kodletsky said.” She replied, “Who listens to me in the U.S.?” and we replied, “The whole litvish world! You, the Rebbetzin, have world-wide power. What comes out of your mouth is sacred to many people around the world who will do whatever you say. You must realize the responsibility!”

    We concluded that we would speak with Dr. Hardt, and left on good terms. We knocked on the doctor’s door, late in the evening. He was not home yet and his wife did not allow us to come in and wait for him. She straight away asked, “Is it about the vaccines?” When we said yes, she told us that her husband would not talk to us. She explained that other groups had been here to talk to him, he had investigated the subject, and it was closed. We argued back and forth, and finally, to her credit, she relented and agreed to ask her husband if he could talk with us. He agreed, and we managed to talk to him and his wife till late in the night.

    Dr. Hardt asked many good questions including, “I’ve always relied on the directives of the Ministry of Health, so why should I not be able to listen to them now?” We explained. They listened. They seemed genuinely troubled by the scope and number of injuries. They told us to please give this information over to Rav Zilberstein and Rav Firer because those are the ones they listen to.

    We said we would follow up with them.

    Imagine my surprise and shock when a few days later, a video went viral of Rebbetzin Kolodetsky telling everyone to go and get the third booster shot – including pregnant women and children over 12.

    The Rebbetzin put out this video a few days after we spoke to her.

    I called Mrs. Hardt and expressed my surprise and shock about the video, after we had spoken to the Rebbetzin at length. I asked Mrs. Hardt how the Rebbetzin could put out such a video after what we spoke about. I couldn’t believe what Mrs. Hardt said to me:

    I only answered the phone when you called because you’re really nice. For your own good, I’m telling you to get out of this story. We got orders from high places. Everything you told us has been checked and that is that. I can’t tell you the reasons. My husband doesn’t allow me to talk to you so if we get cut off, it’s because he took the phone away from me.

    And then we got cut off…

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    1. Yonoson Rosenblum
      August 31, 2021

      Sounds like these people are afraid for their lives, maybe the lives of their children. Many people have been compromised this way. They need to learn from Dr. Zelenko and other doctors, including gentiles, who willingly risk their lives for the sake of humanity. It’s very hard to know who is Erev Rav and who is simply terrified to speak out. Either way, their Olam HaBa can’t be too pretty. This article needs to be distributed widely.

    2. Nesanel Ginsberg
      August 31, 2021

      It’s not just now he shouldn’t rely completely on the MOH, he never should have. Government agencies are largely incompetent. Everyone knows that. Should MOH be an exception? And on top of that they get corrupted. This is why frum doctors are of limited use, particularly in controversial and complex topics. He thinks the MOH is some kind of Moeztes Gedolei Torah. He can’t differentiate.

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