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    Petition To Lakewood Hatzalah: Discontinue Transporting Corona Patients to Kimball and Jersey Shore Hospitals

    We would like to thank the dedicated and selfless Lakewood Hatzolah members for  serving the Lakewood community relentlessly over the past few decades and especially over the previous two waves of the coronavirus. We are forever grateful for all of the good that they have done and continue to do.

    However, the unfortunate reality has shown that transporting corona patients to Kimball Medical Center and Jersey Shore Medical Center has resulted in many deaths as they were not equipped with sufficient resources while many other hospitals in the reasonable vicinity have shown close to 100% success rates with corona patients.

    Additionally, other communities have worked side by side with Hatzolah in bringing relief to corona patients through various efforts and have been very successful in saving hundreds of lives.

    Therefore, we the undersigned ask of Lakewood Hatzolah to switch their protocol in three fashions.

    1.       To immediately stop the transport of patients to Kimball Medical Center and Jersey Shore Medical Center.

    2.       To indefinitely enable the transport of corona patients to the Hackensack University Medical Center.

    3.       To collaborate with other private organizations and enable transporting corona patients to other hospitals outside of New Jersey.

    May all of our efforts bring only good and life to the community that needs our help so desperately in these turbulent times.

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