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    Police Harass Chassidim At Crown Heights Simchas Beis Hashoeiva

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    Urgent Rabbinic Announcement to All Jews:

    Please attend the Kingston Ave Simchas Beis HaShoeiva Tonight 10PM!

    A number of rabbis have called for Jews citywide to make an appearance tonight at Kingston Ave (between Montgomery and Crown) to show solidarity, and to prevent NYPD from attempting to shut it down.

    Weeks of rioting and looting is fine for Mayor DeBlasio, but he can’t tolerate a few nights of Jews dancing on Kingston Avenue. After the police had given permission well in advance, like every year, the mayor suddenly rescinded and forbade it last minute. When hundreds of Chabadniks took to the streets in singing and dancing, the NYPD tried to force them off the street, with a display of highhanded force. Fortunately, the singing Lubavitchers would not be intimidated, and they continued to pour into the street, oblivious to the deafening loudspeakers and sirens ordering them off.

    After an ugly confrontation, the Sukkot dancers stood their ground and the “Simchat Beit haSho’eiva” festivities continued. The police ultimately left them alone and shut down the street as they do every year.

    It is crucial that Jews show up on Kingston Ave from all over NYC. The celebration of Beis haSho’eiva is critical to the soul of Judaism and the Jewish People.It is an ancient and sacred tradition that goes back to the days of the First Temple Era and even before that. The time is NOW for all Jews to show solidarity with the besieged Jews of Crown Heights.

    Tonight at 10pm on the Kingston Avenue between Montgomery and Crown. It would be better to come a few minutes beforehand, at 9:45pm. Say NO to religious persecution. Say YES to the euphoric joy of Sukkot. Say YES to the ancient and timeless celebration of Simchat Beit Hashoeiva.

    One who has not seen the joy of Beit haShoeiva has never seen joy in his life.

    Sukkah 51b

    The joy of Sukkot and the very future of Judaism are in dire jeopardy. We need YOU. Together, light will prevail over darkness.

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    Photos and videos of police harassment are below:

    Rabbi Michoel Green
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    Rabbi Green is a native of California and an accomplished musician and author. He received his rabbinical ordination in Brooklyn after studying in Jerusalem and Sydney, Australia. The Rabbi has spent over eighteen years working in Jewish outreach and education. He has worked in creating successful outreach programs in S. Diego, California and Brisbane, Australia, and founded the first network of Jewish Day Camps in Queensland. He formerly served as Rabbi for the Hebrew Congregation of Green Slopes and the Congregation Chabad of Rancho Bernardo, and has also taught in a wide variety of Jewish day schools— servicing families of all backgrounds and denominations. Michoel Green has authored several prominent books, including "Once upon a Chassid" on Jewish Festivals, (Kehot Publication, 1999).

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