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    Rav Amnon Yitzchok: Yanky Kanievsky’s Manipulation of His Grandfather, The Gadol Hador, is an Unimaginable Chillul Hashem


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    Bnei Brak Rabbanim: Not Enough Data To Recommend Corona Vaccine

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    1. Janet
      January 3, 2021

      Thank you for posting…but can someone translate this into English? Thank you.

    2. Michelle Goldenberg
      January 3, 2021

      It doesn’t make sense that the Rav’s grandson would use his grandfather to make a C”H. This could all be political nonsense. Please translate thank you.

    3. Rivka
      January 4, 2021

      It makes a lot of sense that this could happen, actually, for several reasons:
      1. In Eretz Yisrael, we have been hearing about distortions of Rav Chaim’s words for years. He speaks VERY briefly, so unfortunately the unscrupulous can manipulate his words very easily. In the video, Rav Amnon shows clearly how this was done regarding the vaccine.
      2. The vaccine is an extremely sensitive issue with a fortune of money at stake and many people have cast their lots with the government’s position, regardless of the truth. Some will stop at nothing to keep the oppression and lies going forward.
      3. Every truth seeker should want to know two things here – is the vaccine dangerous? Even if it doesn’t have nanochips and other issues, it is said to cause autoimmune disorders, infertility and more. The second question regarding Rav Chaim is what does he really say on the issue? Rav Amnon is trying to clear this up.
      4. Rav Amnon explains that a man wanted to get the vaccine but his wife was very much against it. She printed out the 22 possible side effects (including death) that were issued by the FDA. The man brought the FDA list to Rav Chaim, showed it to Rav Chaim and then asked Rav Chaim if he should be vaccinated. Rav Chaim said NO.

      Also, Rav Amnon points out that you can see clearly in the video that no one is wearing masks and there is no social distancing. It is well-known that in the most recent months, Rav Chaim tells EVERYONE who comes to see him to take off their masks. Doesn’t sound like someone who is terrified of the corona virus to the point of mandating a vaccine.

      So what is the truth? Is his grandson out to get him? I can’t tell you that, but his grandson could be so convinced by various nefarious parties that the vaccine is safe and necessary that he is willing to manipulate his grandfather’s words. To manipulate the Gadol’s words and cause many people injury is a Chilul Hashem.

      Also, it is totally out of character for Rav Chaim, to mandate a virtually untested and potentially dangerous medical treatment. He follows his father The Steipler, Z”TL and his uncle The Chazon Ish, Z”TL, who were against medical treatments in most cases. It is also well known that Rav Chaim’s father-in-law, Rav Elyashiv, Z”TL paskened not to try new medicine unless it had been on the market widely for at least a year or two.

      I can tell you first hand that prior to Rav Chaim’s alleged “Psak” to get the vaccine, nearly all Chareidim were planning to avoid the vaccine for at least the first year or altogther and this likely bogus psak has caused a tremendous change, as people trust Rav Chaim.

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