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    BREAKING: Rav Eliyahu Brog: COVID Crisis Is Middah Kineged Middah Of How We Persecuted Our Unvaccinated Brethren

    A recent shiur given by Rav Eliyahu Brog shlit”a, grandson of Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l is below:

    Here is a condensed version of the audio:

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    1. Janet
      August 17, 2020

      I think it may be Rabbi Yisroel Brog ??

    2. Brian Trappler
      August 17, 2020

      Dr. Eli Rosen asked Principals of Crown Heights schools to expel students that are not vaccinated against the mumps. Articles in N’shei Newsletter were misleading, he said.
      This Content Was Published at
      The epicenter of Corona in New York was 11213 (Crown Heights) where many Rebbanim but no children succumbed to the Virus. In 2019 Dr. Eli Rosen, with the help of Rabbi Y. Braun enforced a zero tolerance of any child attending Yeshiva in Crown Heights who failed to show full compliance with every available vaccine. Among these are included are Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Influenza, Polio, Varicella and even Vaccines for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. He also actively liaised with Officials in the Health Department to pass legislation that disallowed exemptions on religious grounds and medical exemptions. Children who suffered seizures or had experienced previous vaccine-injury were compelled to vaccinate. Failure to comply resulted in immediate expulsion of the children from Yeshiva. Families of Non-Vaxxers who opened small basement Cheders were threatened to immediately desist or face raids by Protective Services for Children. For the annual Chidon, children who had been flown into Crown Heights from all over the world were prohibited from participating in this prestigious learning competition if they failed to present therapeutic Antibody titers even toward “Normal Childhood” Illnesses on this extensive list. This included a child from Australia who had learned the Rambam’s Sefer Hamitzvas (Bal Peh), who broke-down upon being told that he was forbidden to participate for not having his updated Vaccination Record. Most parents who feared vaccination injury for whatever reason submitted to this coercion for lack of resources (legal or support-groups) or other educational options. The Sinas Chinum went beyond expulsion from yeshiva. Highschool girls were provided with the names on unvaccinated children and refused to assist Postpartum mothers who usually benefit from the assistance of an existing volunteer program offered by Bais Rivkah High School. What makes this social and educational banishment not only cruel, but irrational is that a healthy unvaccinated child poses no threat to society. Yet the community has confused the concept of being unvaccinated with that of being infectious – a dangerous leap without any medical substance. I commend Rabbi Schustal on his Drush and accept his conclusion as I have personally observed the domino effect of this slander by the many of the few based on poorly informed local doctors lacking in Academic Credentials yet hero-worshipped because of the community`s dependence on a single local doctor who controls the medical space and has felt empowered to become an activist for an agenda promoted by Big Pharma and the Progressive-Left.

    3. TrueEmes1
      August 19, 2020

      Punkt Farkert

      Its punishment for not persecuting them enough. We showed the Roibono shel olam we dont care enough about all children’s safety. some of us went aso far as to suggest that parents can determine whther their own kids should be saved or not R”L (!!!) So Hashem showed up He is in charge . We will beg for vaccine.

      noone who refuses to care for their children should be allowed in School, shul or even our stores ever again

      • Nesanel Ginsberg
        August 20, 2020

        It seems like you don’t agree with the point of view expressed by the Rav in the shiur. That’s great. At EN we encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and are happy that you took the time to join our site even if you disagree with the views expressed in a particular article. It is this bikush for emes, and ahavas yisroel which will allow us to gain greater clarity on sensitive issues and which will ultimately bring the Moshiach.

        As far as your post, kindly provide additional information supporting your claim.

        The issur of ona’as devorim is mentioned explicitly in the Torah, as in Shulchan aruch. It is a serious aveira. If some Yidden in the community have discussed the issue of vaccines with their doctors and Rabbonim and have been told that it would be unsafe to vaccinate their children, and they are following those experts in medicine and Halacha, what would be the basis for attacking or hurting them? What would be the basis for attacking any Yid altogether?

        If one group feels that it’s dangerous to vaccinate, and a different group feels that unvaccinating would pose a threat not only to oneself but to others as well, invariably there would be a serious communal challenge on our hands, which would need to be dealt with with tact, seichel, responsibility, and yiras shamayim. Perhaps the effort to resolve this dispute would entail making certain changes withing the community, such as perhaps having separate shuls, yeshivas, etc, (although the Rav frowned on this in his shiur) or some other arrangement. This would be no different than how we would peacefully and respectfully deal with any other challenge within the community.

        But what is your source in Halacha for permitting the persecution of another Yid?

    4. Weiss
      October 1, 2020

      can i say something here?
      i hope it’s not taken the wrong way … but maybe this can be our groups hishtadlut. i can’t even include myself in this. and maybe it’s easy for me to say … because I am new to this way of life ….
      so please forgive me ahead of time.
      I know there is the shiur from Rabbi Brog saying midah kneged midah bec unvaxxed children were kicked out of schools and shuls that this happened … I actually cried reading the transcript of the shiur.

      A few days later,I called my sil who didn’t vax 10 years ago when her first was born and I apologized for doubting her and for doubting her right ( halachically. legally. medically ) to make a good decision for her kids. I was the fool.

      Now I am turning to you , dear women, can we say verbally Machul Lach, Machul Lach, Machul Lach to our brothers and sisters and communities who have wronged you ? I now have a glimpse of the pain you went through … on the day I got the call last week that school was closed til after Sukkot , I sobbed and cried. and cried. I felt so helpless. And that is with the whole school shut. Not with my kids ch’v kicked out.
      I can not imagine the pain, the shame you all have experienced over the vaccine issue.
      And it is those of us who were foolish. and even if we were right , We had no right to exclude any child from a jewish education. Or to cause hate between families and communities.

      Please forgive us. Please let Hashem know that you want to release all of us from this cherem,
      Please forgive us. I know we hurt you all so deeply , I know there isn’t a way to backtrack the loss of time and the hurt and the shame, and all that was lost and damaged .
      And I ask forgiveness for being so brazen to ask this of you , dear yiddishe mothers , can you forgive Klal Yisrael ?
      I hope you can at least say the words.
      In that zechus, may Hashem look upon us favorably. May we suffer no more from this. And may we be redeemed b’karov.

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