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    Rav Moshe Shternbuch: Don’t Get Carried Away With COVID-19 Preventative Measures

    (Old News: from May 1, 2020)

    Free Translation of the words of Rav Moshe Shternbuch shlit”a:

    One must adhere to all rules of caution to properly distance from one another, etc. On the other hand, one should not get involved in exaggerations and extreme measures in this regard. And on all remote concerns which are a doubt of a doubt of a doubt of a doubt (safek safek of a s’fek sfeka) it is better to rely and trust on Hashem. Altogether, we should recognize, that the fear of death is worse than death itself. One should see to it not to have fear of Corona, but rather to have fear only from the Borei Olam!

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