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    Yeshiva Darchei Torah Responds To The Current Legal Challenge

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    In an effort to glean a better understanding of the position of Yeshiva Darchei Torah and the current legal matter, we reached out to their administration for comment.

    Rabbi Bender responded to us with the following statement:

    I don’t have any more time to answer these emails.

    Rabbi Bender can be reached directly at: Additionally, the department which addresses safety and health matters at the Yeshiva can be reached at

    Darchei Torah, as well as numerous other Yeshivos within the community have been receiving medical advice from Dr. Daniel Berman, an infectious disease specialist.

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    Yeshiva Darchei Torah Is Served Papers In Response To Their Illegal Medical Coercion

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    1. Nesanel Ginsberg
      August 13, 2021

      Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Medicine recently called out the CDC for widespread medical fraud in an interview with Fox New’s Laura Ingraham. The CDC modified the COVID-19 testing parameters for the wholly vaccinated, cutting the cycle threshold count of the PCR test ONLY for the vaccinated. According to Dr. Harvey Risch, “Some months ago, the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases,” he explained, “the large numbers of cases in people who had been vaccinated.” “So, of course, those cases don’t register for the CDC’s counts, and so the great proportion [of cases] that they’re claiming are in unvaccinated people.”

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