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    Yeshivas Darchei Torah of Far Rockaway Engages in Illegal Medical Coercion Pertaining To The COVID-19 Injection

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    Several weeks ago, Yeshiva Darchei Torah or Far Rockaway, NY sent a memo to their entire faculty indicating that all staff members would be required to be inoculated by the COVID-19 injection in order “to continue employment for the coming school year”.

    Under federal law, it is illegal to intimidate or use any means of coercion to force an employee to receive this shot which is currently only authorized under a temporary authorization. It also raises serious questions in halacha, and hashkafah, and bein adam l’chareio, considering the thousands of deaths which were reported to the CDC which have occurred to individuals soon after receiving this pharmaceutical injection, which is meant to prevent COVID-19, an illness for which viable treatments exist, including HCQ, Ivermectin, and others.

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