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    Masks: The Art of Distraction

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    I just attended a LeChaim/Vort where I felt like I had just entered an Insane Asylum.

    The Baal Simcha was wearing a mask, and, when I stretched out my hand to give him a Mazel Tov, he thrust his elbow at me.

    There was a big sign on the door, warning everyone to wear a mask, or else!

    Right next to the sign was a box of 50 aqua-colored face diapers for everyone to wear.

    Then, came the time to make family pictures with the newly-minted Choson VeKallah.

    Off came the masks, as all the Mechutanim stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the young couple for Simcha photographs.

    How could it be otherwise?

    You can’t recognize anyone on a picture when they’re all wearing masks!

    So, let’s understand: It’s deadly to walk around without a mask…Unless you’re taking family group pictures, then it’s fine—Total Insanity!

    Cuomo and deBlasio absolutely forbid gatherings of more than 10 people—unless, unless you’re celebrating the election of the newly-minted “President-Elect”—Biden.

    Then it’s not only OK, but it’s a Mitzvah to gather and sing in groups of a thousand or more at the Barclays Center, crammed together like sardines, with Mayor deBlasio leading the celebration.

    If you have any common sense left, after you have been terrorized and propagandized by the media, you be starting to suspect that all this masking and “social distancing” is Total BS!

    So, what is it really about—“Distraction!”

    Cuomo and deBlasio want you to believe that they are protecting you from the deadly COVID, while they are actually preventing you from doing what is truly effective against the virus.

    While you are busy choking yourself with a mask, and isolating yourself from your friends and relatives at home and shul, you are so distracted that you fail to notice that a 100% effective medicine—Hydroxychloroquine—is being withheld from your doctor and pharmacist, who risk losing their licenses and their Parnassa if they dare to give you this totally-safe lifesaving drug.

    Cuomo and deBlasio are committing mass murder in front of your very eyes, but you don’t see it, because you are so distracted by their terror campaign.

    And, because people are going to the hospital—and even dying—as a result of their criminal behavior, they exploit the crisis to declare an emergency, which entitles them to exercise dictatorial powers.

    Then, of course, you have unlimited weekly never-ending COVID testing, intentionally designed to produce never-ending false positives, which justifies closing small businesses and schools.

    We have all become fools and patsies השם ישמרנו.

    Daven like your life depends on it—It does!

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