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    They May Make It Mandatory, Without Actually Making It Mandatory…

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    Originally published on August 21, 2020

    Many months ago people began asking me whether I thought the COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory. From a factual perspective, I told them that at the moment most governments and their leaders have stated they would highly encourage the vaccine but that it wouldn’t be mandatory. People sighed a sense of relief. But then I would say there’s more to the story.

    Sure, they may not make it mandatory, but if you want to go out anywhere without a mask, you need it. Or sure, it’s not mandatory, but if you want to travel the world, go to certain local events, attend school or do other things you love in public spaces, you need it. In essence, they won’t make it mandatory, but they may limit your life’s experience based on the fact you are choosing to not get vaccinated. And their weapon of choice justifying their position would be shame and guilt towards you. Claiming you are being selfish and wish to put others at risk for your own life enjoyment.

    Could this really happen? Well, it’s already being talked about.

    Many experts already think some states will require certain industries to enforce vaccine mandates for their employees. “Get a vaccine or find a new job.” Again, not mandated, but if you want to work for a certain company it’s mandatory. Anything from essential workers to grocery store employees have been named as people who work in places that have high contact with the public and therefore should be vaccinated. All this even though the COVID-19 virus doesn’t spread all that easily through surfaces and asymptomatic people have rarely been shown to spread the virus.

    At this moment in time, for someone to take a light on United Emirates airlines to Dubai, they have to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate. Many people, including Bill Gates, are already talking about a vaccine certificate that people would have to prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19. Why would we need certificates unless there was no intention to use them as proof during many common societal actions?

    Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as already been exempt from any liability if their vaccine harms people. I recall reading a couple of articles a month or so back that I could not find at the time of writing this piece, but they spoke about many companies around the world who already looking into becoming exempt from liability if they choose to mandate vaccines for their employees.

    The Other Scenario

    The other likely scenario is that governments simply are not admitting right now that they have plans to make the vaccine mandatory. After all, why would they? Lockdown measures and other mandates already have people suing governments, why would they make matters worse? Again going back many months, people would ask me whether I thought they were going to re-open the Candian and US border after the initial 30 day closure and first extension. I said “no chance, they only keep telling you 30 days over and over again because if they told you “hey we don’t plan to open this for 6 months to 2 years,” people would quickly get upset.”

    All of these measures are carefully thought out and studied such that they gain public acceptance and keep people quiet JUST enough that they don’t revolt en masse. Just look at how much effort is going into government studying how to best psychologically convince Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Look at the reality of Event 201. It’s a tabletop scenario put on by the vast majority of the people involved in today’s “real life” pandemic scenario that so closely models the “fake scenario” they rehearsed in October of 2019. Johns Hopkins University, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and The World Economic Forum were the main parties sponsoring. Given they rehearsed an event that so closely models the even COVID-19 pandemic, it’s almost as if they have already thought about and figured out how to best handle the public during these events. After all, that is what training and rehearsals are for. In the Event 201 scenario exercise, they discuss everything from how to get the public on the side of government, to how to deal with dissenting voices, to how to deal with N95 mask shortages. The event includes many more details identical to what we’re seeing today. We covered this in an episode of The Takeaway that you can watch here. It’s also covered in the new movie Plandemic: Indoctrination which is streaming free on CETV here.

    The point is, a great deal of time and effort goes into knowing how to engage the public on these issues and socially engineer them to respond in a way that is beneficial to those in charge.

    In that sense, if vaccines are one the hottest topics in the space of health freedom, and governments and big tech has been working hard for years to squash the truth about them, why would they come out during the early stages of a controversial pandemic and admit they are going to force a vaccine on people? They never would, that would be silly for them to do.

    So what’s coming? We don’t know, but either of the two scenarios above will be what happens. They are not going to spend billions on a vaccine that only 40% of the population takes.

    An Evolution of Consciousness – Time To Wake Up

    I don’t write this to scare you, to encourage you to go take up arms and get ready to shoot your way through an even more authoritarian future. I write this because it’s time we truly wake up. Still, there are large numbers of people who are choosing to simply close their eyes to what’s going on in our world, and as a result, may soon find themselves in a situation where their bodily sovereignty is gone as governments now control what goes in their body. Is that a world you want to live in? Does that sound like a world where everyone is working to lift each other up and thrive? Or does it sound like an authoritarian landscape?

    I have been getting emails, text messages, social media messages and people calling me in person ever since COVID-19 began. They know my work and what I’ve done for the last 11 years, and they are all saying something strikingly similar: “Joe, I’m starting to do some research and see some odd things and inconsistencies about the world and the official stories we’re told. I realize things aren’t what they seem. Thank you for your work and keep going.” I then usually joke and tell them, “don’t you know a PhD scientist told you that doing your own research is dangerous? Lol”

    What this means is that COVID-19 is waking people up in a sense. When we go about our everyday lives, heads down, making a living, distracted by all the bells and whistles around us, we don’t take the time to listen to those that have accurately predicted coming authoritarian events for decades. ‘Predict? What do you mean Joe?’ What society calls “conspiracy theories,” in many cases, are nothing more than mainstream news 5 – 10 years in advance. Sure, there are very fringe theories out there that are poorly stated and researched, but I’m talking about something different. Contrary to mainstream opinion, there are many highly intelligent and high-quality outlets and people producing alternative research and ideas from the mainstream narrative. Real evidence is brought forth by quality outlets like CE and many others. We have watched for years as topics we spoke about that were called ‘ridiculous’ and ‘outright conspiracy’ become accepted in the mainstream as common knowledge. GMOs, UFOs, geoengineering, and questioning vaccines, the ladder of which is at the tail end of becoming fully realized.


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