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    Trading in Our Pearls for Pearls

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    Of course, Agudas Yisroel–the prime mover behind P.E.A.R.L.S. (–would vehemently protest such an accusation. But, sadly, it’s all too true.

    Instead of drawing a line in the sand and firmly declaring that we will never capitulate to secular, atheist, immoral assimilation, PEARLS has chosen the path of compromise, pandering, and accommodation.

    To anyone who is familiar with the origins of the “Common Core” curriculum that NY State seeks to impose on our Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools, it is clear that the intention is to pry our children away from our Torah Values, and seduce them into the atheist, amoral secular value system of the Public Schools.

    The heavy emphasis on “Critical Thinking Skills” in the Common-Core Curriculum is just a euphemism for teaching our children to challenge the Torah Values that have been transmitted to them by their parents.

    The Common Core curriculum was funded and developed by the Rockefeller and the Bill-and-Melinda Gates foundations, to the tune of billions of dollars-That’s all you really need to know.

    Those are truly evil organizations, who have been funding population control, atheism, and immortality for decades.

    Don’t be fooled by the educationist gobbledygook thrown around by NY State. That is just a smokescreen designed to confuse well-meaning Hasidic leaders, like my old friend Rabbi Niederman.

    After all, you claim, who could possibly object to “improving” the study of math, English, and science?

    Well, the Devil is in the sneaky details, and there is method to the madness.

    Once the Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools accept the principle that NY State has the right to dictate the Yeshiva curricula and their daily schedules, the secular bureaucrats will “slice the salami,” chipping away at our Chinuch until it will be too late to save it.

    To the “professionals” at Agudah and PEARLS: “You think you will outmaneuver the NY State Education Department.

    “I have news for you—You won’t!”

    It’s time to listen to our Gedolei Torah, like Rav Yecheskel Roth, Z”L, who stated very emphatically that there must be no capitulation to the secularists, who seek to spiritually kidnap our children!

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