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    Rabbi Asher Weiss: The Covid 19 vaccine


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    Rabbi Asher Weiss
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    1. P.E. B.
      December 17, 2020

      Has very little knowledge. Please educate…

      This is dangerous

    2. Moishe Kahan
      December 17, 2020

      #1 Follow the $$. Even the Kohen Godol needs to recuse himself form ruling, where there may be a conflict of interest. How can anyone accept the ruling of Rabbi Weiss who is funded by pharma ?.

    3. Sparkles
      December 17, 2020

      Does Rabbi Weiss follow his own advice and save lives by recommending hydroxychloroquine?
      Do we have a halachik obligation to blindly trust industries with history of criminal activity and fraud?
      Is it called saving a life to get a vaccine where 4 people died in the trials?
      How do we know it’s safe if they skipped animal testing?
      How are we saving generations if there’s a chance this new vaccine can cause sterility?

    4. Moishe Kahan
      December 17, 2020
    5. Moishe Kahan
      December 17, 2020

      @ 47 minutes he says brand new vax technology, so don’t worry about long term side effects. NUTS

    6. Guest Contributor
      December 17, 2020

      He knows a case. Therefore there’s a pandemic? I know of a man who died falling off a ladder. Is there a ladder pandemic? Even if people are dying every day there isn’t necessarily a pandemic. In the USA, 3 million people die each year. Yes, people die every day, from cancer, heart disease, car accidents, the flu. Are they all epidemics? In Israel, 8,000 die a year from cigarette smoking which is 5,000 more than from COVID even with the bogus statistics. Yet, every time I go outside I get smoke blown in my face. Why isn’t smoking deemed an epidemic?

      If you don’t discuss PCR tests, you haven’t discussed COVID because the infection and mortality data is all based on the PCR. And many virologists tell us that the PCR was not designed to detect infection. Kerry Mullis the inventor of the test said that.

      Vaccines require years of testing. You have to see if there are long term effects, especially on an experimental vaccine. That hasn’t happened here. And by the way, death isn’t the only bad outcome of vaccines. Just read the warning label on any vaccine and you’ll see that health destroying injuries are also a concern.

      And one other thing, if the vaccine is so safe, then why are vaccine makers exempt from product liability?

      This talk, this shiur if you want to call it that, was very superficial but delivered as if it is the final word on the subject. I was very disappointed by it. I hesitate to publicly criticize a rabbi, but Rabbi Weiss is putting himself out there as a health authority, much like Bill Gates has, and he really isn’t qualified. So if you want to talk about people who are dangerous….

    7. Dvorah Cohen
      December 20, 2020

      R’ Asher Weiss also promoted mandating the measles vaccine. He was the head rabbi at Sha’arei Tzedek when Sci-B-Vac used their experimental HepB vaccination on thousands of otherwise healthy Israeli newborns. A total of 400,000 Israeli babies were experimented on without their parent’s informed consent. They had no idea the vaccine was experimental. Now 10,000 Israeli children suffer with neurological damage from that vaccine…and there is a class-action lawsuit in process.

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