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    The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Message of Hope And Peace From Rav Zev Epstein

    Rabbi Zev Epstein
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    Rabbi Asher Weiss: The Covid 19 vaccine

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    1. Dvorah Cohen
      December 28, 2020

      Well said. Now I need to apply it better, even when I am personally, verbally attacked. Thank you R’ Epstein.

    2. Rivka
      December 28, 2020

      I really love Rav Epstein’s message of peace and unity. My only hesitation is that he seems to deem the discourse as a continuum – most people are confused and want to know the truth. While that may be true, someone is correct – it’s not a matter of opinion. This is not a frum issue or even a Jewish issue, as many gentiles take each side as well. If the people that believe that the vaccine is dangerous are correct, it is very important to speak up. I have heard that Rabbis are being fed wrong information and basing their psak on this incorrect information or that these Rabbis are being misquoted or their words taken out of context (such as HaRav Chaim Kanievsky). I agree that we still need to respect each other and speak nicely to each other but the truth is out there, as can be seen by anyone willing to do a bit of research. Don’t sell yourself short, do the research. This website is a great place to start.

      • Chana
        December 30, 2020

        I don’t think Rabbi Epstein is necessarily saying that there is more than one correct answer to the question (although that might be true–take for example an elderly person who is so inculcated with fear that they will not step foot outside their home until vaccinated–the risk of vaccination might be preferable, as we could argue that that person is not living)–but I think the point is that each side needs to hear out the other side and not get sucked into the sinas chinam rhetoric.

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